Co-Learning Encounter With Indigenous Communities
A Lecture Series Engaging Indigenous Activists, Shamans, Academics, Public Intellectuals, Researchers, and Elders
Exploring the Indigenous Peoples' Social, Political, Cultural, Symbolic, Ecological, Spiritual and Sacred Worlds and their Interactions

Resuming Our Lecture Series
Watch for Our First Session for 2022 on the 29th of January.
The following session is on the 26th of February 2022.
Lecture 4: 27th November 2021: Completed. See Powerpoint Here. Video Soon.
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Ancestral Wisdom for Recreating Sacred Space of Karen Homeland  
By Dr.Sunthorn Womjomporn
Lecture 3: 6th November 2021: Completed. See Video Here.
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Reflections on Indigenous Learning of Wisdom
for Indigenous Peoples Education 
By Maria Lourie C. Victor
Lecture 2: 16th October 2021: Completed. Full Paper Here. See Video Here.
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Intergenerational Transmission of Ancestral Wisdom:

Indigenous Ways & Kacharan Methods By Dr. Arlene Natocyad

Lecture 1: 25th September 2021. Completed. See Video Here.
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Responses to the Lecture:  Felicia. Cheryl Lee  Fr. Paul