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ASW is primarily a nurturing educational initiative to contribute to a more humane inter-connected locality, nation, region and the world. It is a way of deepening our encounters with indigeneity, femininity, spirituality, ecology and voices for a dialogical, inclusive future promoting an era of trans-formation, the Era of Wisdom. The effort will especially focus on re-engaging, re-covering, re-imaging the wisdom of indigenous people in Asia and the world. 

Cosmology, transdisciplinarity, decolonisation, deschooling, conscientization, transformative learning, critical civic engagement, indigenous and engaged spirituality, religio-cultural approach, 'mindfulness eco-framing', political economy concerns, inter-faith/trans-faith orientation, co-creation through co-learning will directly or indirectly inform/influence the educational work of the School.Formal, informal, short term, long term, structured courses or learning journeys and online lecture series are in progress of being offered over the next 3 to 5 years. And beyond. We will work through existing private and state educational institutions, bonafide civil society organisations and networks and community-based organisations. We intend to reach out to educational/learning areas and concerns that are today marginalised, demonised or invisibilised but which are key to our survival, well-being and future together.

We will offer innovative educational/learning opportunities that will be free or based on shared cost or may carry an affordable fee. We will offer certificates of participation for those who need them. These certificates may be offered solely by ASW or a group of collaborators (as part of a collaborative platform). We are also working towards providing diplomas and degrees in time to come and this will be offered through our collaborative platforms with local and/or regional universities. Research-and-field based doctoral programmes are being planned in the coming years. 

The programmes, educational sessions and learning journeys are being developed and offered in the effort to build not just career-seeking students but also young wisdom-seekers as well as organic and public intellectual communities that will dialogically and compassionately serve the community, nation, region and the world to build and/or strengthen an inclusive wisdom-based civilisation.