Proposed Courses/Learning Journeys


Cosmology, transdisciplinarity, decolonisation, deschooling, conscientization, transformative learning, critical civic engagement, engaged and indigenous spirituality, inter-faith/trans-faith orientation, co-creation through co-learning  will inform/influence the work of the School. The focus is of course the aim to nurture indigenous wisdom-based civilisational future.


The following courses, or learning journeys,  are in the process of research and development to be offered over the next 3 to 5 years. In the next 3 years, we intend to start a a research-action based public intellectual doctoral programmes. The school will also undergo the institutionalised creation of different branches creation of indigenous studies that will help 


We welcome support to develop these proposed courses. We also welcome ideas for new courses/ learning journeys.





  • Cultural Agriculture (Based on the work on the founder-director of ASW, Dr. Fr. Niphot's Work)

  • Mother Earth Social Sciences: Orientation, Methodology, Praxis

  • Ancestral Wisdom, Shamanism and Earth Spirituality

  • Indigeneity and Womaneity: Shaping an Indigenous Voice of Future Studies

  • Indigenous Futurity Studies (The Future is Indigenous Studies)

  • Contextual/Grassroots/People’s Theology

  • Indigenous Thinkers and their Worldviews/Worldfeels: Contributions to Indigenous Social Theory 

  • Re-imagining UN-SDGs and Beyond: An Indigenous and Eco--Socio-Spiritual Response

  • Logical, Critical and Cosmological Ways of Thinking and Being

  • Pandemics, Politics and Public Health: Exploring a Religio-Cultural Response

  • Childhoods, Child Rights and Globalisation: An Indigenous Perspective

  • Media, Communication and Eco-Spirituality

  • Conscience and Compassion: A Learning Journey  

  • Engaged Spirituality Studies

  • Inter-faith/Trans-faith Studies

  • Thinking About Food Eco-Spiritually

  • Glocalisation  Studies

  • Ecological Agriculture and Food Sovereignty   

  • Community-Based Programmes (inspired by various religious traditions, including Pope Francis’ Care of Our Common Home, Laudato Si’ or  Thich Nhat Hanh's, Love Letter to the Earth)